Big Three for 2019

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Self-Care. Creativity. Growth.

These three words helped me navigate 2018. I went into last year with the these front and center in my mind and accomplished great things. Fletcher Rhodes gained team members, moved and renovated the new studio, managed bigger projects and gained a warehouse space (and all of the logistics that go with that). All the while, I was also moving my own house and taking care of my two growing kids and myself in the process (loving my morning yoga). 2018 was a huge year that set the stage for 2019 to be even greater.

Looking to 2019, I have three new words and a new mindset for the year:

Focus, Strength, Collaboration.

I want to take the drive and energy we gained in the last 12 months and focus on making this our strongest year at Fletcher Rhodes.  I’m enjoying the process of strengthening our footing, finding power in our new roles and expanded business. This year I am so pumped to really focus on projects that are a complete fit for our brand - ones that highlight our strengths and fulfill our appreciation for collaboration. 

Over the years I’ve learned that you’re only as strong as those you surround yourself with, which makes me so appreciative of the team and partners that I have found since moving up here five years ago. Sonoma County is a special place that is filled with SO many amazing female entrepreneurs, many of which I have the pleasure to call my friends.  Knowing that there are so many incredible boss ladies in my community makes me want to show up and work even harder. We’re all in it together! 

With these three words guiding me through 2019 I have a lot to tackle, including launching an online shop up, continuing to host consistent open houses (like the one we held back in December) and facing upcoming projects head on, with confidence and excitement. 

The entire Fletcher Rhodes team is gearing up for an incredible year, and we’re so thankful to have you along for the ride! 


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Emily Mughannam