Artist Spotlight: Grégoire Moulin

Fall 2018-TearSheets11.jpg

Stunning, elegant, and breathtaking photography is always something that we’re looking for as we design spaces for clients, and Grégoire Moulin’s work will always be on our list of top favorites. Who is Grégoire Moulin, you ask? A Paris-born, South African-raised artist who learned from the landscapes and coastlines that surrounded him as a child, Grégoire is an incredibly talented creative who has spent the last few decades honing his craft. After a 20-year stint as a graphic designer and art director, Grégoire has intentionally shifted his focus back to photography and travel. Intertwining the two pastimes provides him with constant inspiration and opportunities to create some of his best work. With an appreciation for spontaneity and making the most of each moment, Grégoire prefers to travel with “no itinerary, but a willingness to be open to the sights that present themselves to be experienced and captured.”

The Fletcher Rhodes team became aware of Grégiore a year ago and instantly became fans of his work. When moving into our new studio last summer we knew that including a piece from his limited edition collection was a must.

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Fall 2018-TearSheets8.jpg
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Grégiore’s photography is focused particularly on countrysides and seasides, but he also has a collection of urban compositions and portraits. Each piece beautifully raw and elevated at the same time, his gorgeous work has been exhibited in well known art and design fairs in Paris, Brussels and throughout the US. If you don’t find yourself with a chance to see his work in person, Grégiore features many of his pieces on his Instagram page - providing us all with a sneak peek into the way he sees the world.

Fall 2018-TearSheets.jpg

Interested in getting your hands on the perfect piece for your space or simply learning more? Email us at and we’ll be happy to help you with the process. While Grégiore Moulin’s Limited Edition pieces are an investment, we’re sure it’s one you’ll ever regret making. We’re so excited to be a small part in getting Grégiore’s work out in to the world and we hope a piece (or two!) of his have a chance to call your walls home.


Fletcher Rhodes