FR Harvest Vibes: On Being A Harvest Widow

Photo by  Sarah Deragon

Photo by Sarah Deragon


Harvest season is in full swing here in Sonoma and the FR team is in full support. We love seeing our neighbors doing what they love to create something that the whole world is thankful for. So we’re sharing our thoughts on what it’s like to be a part of Harvest, even if it’s in a supporting role.

Our two amazing designers, Annie and Jen, have a lot in common—from their design aesthetic to their work ethic and outside of the office, even their partners. These two have both fallen for men in the wine industry and with that, take on the temporary role of “harvest widow”every year, leaving them both to hone their best Beyonce vibes and live the life of a single lady.

With harvest season comes hard work for those in the wine business, and unwavering support from their loved ones. As Annie notes, “Harvest is such a gorgeous and exciting time in Sonoma County but for so many of our community members involved in wine production it is a time filled with long days, late nights and often not a day off for months.” It’s a part of the winemaking process that is undervalued by many that drink the labors of months of hard work.

Photos by  Sarah Deragon

Photos by Sarah Deragon

Jen reflects on how hard her beau works, “During Harvest season, it is not uncommon to work 10-12 hour days, 6-7 days a week for months on end.” And even though it shifts her day-to-day routine with her partner, she finds the silver lining in having more me time: “I actually enjoy having time to myself to do all the things I couldn’t do when my honey is around—like organizing & purging, time for hobbies  & girlfriends and not to mention, complete control of the TV remote!”

Annie also does her best in the lonelier months to lean on the FR ladies and her girlfriends in the area but notes that “you don’t have your person to enjoy all that this place has to offer.”

Jen mentions that there are definitely ways to make the months go by a bit faster, “while many nights are spent alone, with plenty of laundry to keep busy—they’re also spent at the vineyard amongst friends—enjoying good food & drink, watching the sunset, waiting for the pick to begin.” She does what she can to make it over to the vineyard and be a part of the process, even if it’s just swinging by to bring food and watching the sunset with the pick crew.

Both girls are proud of all the hard work that their beaus put into their craft each year.  Annie is willing to put up with the quieter time of year mentioning that “even with some harvest loneliness, being with someone who creates wine is pretty amazing.  Seeing what all goes into our favorite beverage gives you a great appreciation and connection to what wine country is all about!”

Jen, like Annie, loves seeing her partner do something he’s passionate about and truly admires how hard her man works this time of the year. And if nothing else Jen notes, “ they say it takes a lot of good beer to make great wine” so we say cheers to all of the hardworking harvesters and to the end of the season when our girls get their men back full time.



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